Saturday, Feb 17th

The Opposite House in Beijing, China

Opposite House Hotel Beijing China
Travellers looking for the classic feel of ancient Imperial China should look elsewhere. Beijing’s new Opposite House Hotel is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge, exciting hotels to have opened in years. The Opposite House takes its name from Chinese tradition; an opposite house was the guest house built opposite of the traditional courtyard style home.


The Capella Hotel in Singapore

Capella Hotel Singapore
Nestled on the island of Sentosa, just a quarter mile from downtown Singapore, the Capella Hotel is setting a new standard for luxury resorts.


Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the Gateway to China. First settled by the Chinese in the 7th century, ruled for more than a hundred years by the British, the city is now one of the most important and dynamic cities in the world, and at its heart sits the Four Seasons Hong Kong.


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