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Beaches and Fun in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FloridaTampa, Florida boasts well over 300 days of sunshine per year, a warm, subtropical climate where snowfalls are extremely rare, incredible sunsets nearly every evening, and some of the best beaches in the United Sates of America. It’s no wonder that so many Americans from northern states opt for retirement in Tampa.


Beer and Fun in Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf, Germany

Modern Dusseldorf is known worldwide for its role in international business, fashion, and commerce. Events make this a special place for travelers. Many trade conventions, fun fairs, and other attractions bring millions of visitors here each year. Make sure you have Dusseldorf on your list when you’re in Germany.


Finding a Cheap Hotel in New York

New York City
Finding a cheap hotel in New York is probably one of the toughest challenges a person can give you. The blatant truth is that hotels in New York are anything but cheap. You'll find magnificent hotels, opulent rooms, great views and possibly fantastic service, but cheap is not something we usually associate with New York City hotels. So how are we going about finding cheap hotels in New York?


A Smoky Heart and Clear Mountain Air in Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile gives an underwhelming first impression. Packed with road traffic and the air thick with smog, the city has the air of an industrial smoke hole. This may be true, but there is much more to this, the capital of long, narrow Chile, on the western coast of South America.


Enjoy Your Sling in Singapore

The Singapore Sling is a unique concoction , that was invented in the city-state of Singapore. The traditional cocktail drink has become somewhat of a symbol for this little but busy island, although these days Singapore is about much more than traditional ways.


Harbour Views in Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of those places that has to be on anyone's top ten list of cities to visit in a lifetime. Although mainland China is quickly developing as a travel destination in its own right, Hong Kong still holds the crown as the main gateway into China to many, and offers an introduction to the many more wonders that China has to offer.


Hidden Treasures in San Francisco

San Francisco
It´s easy to leave your heart in San Francisco. With 43 hills and an abundance of odd and quirky corners, San Fran is one of the more unusual American cities. Part of the beauty of this town is it´s compactness. A map and a comfortable pair of shoes, teamed with a cable-car ride, will let you see all of the sites and sights on your tourist map.


The Luxury of Excess in Dubai

Dubai, one of the the mighty United Arab Emirates, perches on the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. While Dubai may not be well-known in the US, it is well-known everywhere else and is fast becoming one of the most popular, and decadent vacation destinations.


Do It All in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Landing in Buenos Aires, you may not immediately appreciate the blended charms of the city.  The taxi ride into town seems determined to hide the city's charms behind soccer practice fields for the national team and indeterminate billboards.  Once you arrive in the city however, the different tugs may have you wondering what to do first.


Sparkling in Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea
A center of finance and culture in East Asia, Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea. Home to over 10 million people, the city is bustling with energy and offers a great combination of ancient culture and impressive modern technology. Divided into 25 different districts, the city is most easily navigated by subway as there is often a great deal of traffic.


A Welcome Back in New Orleans

New Orleans
New Orleans is still greatly overshadowed by Katrina. Though what many tourists don’t realize is the degree to which the historic French Quarter remained untouched.  All of the historical and European influenced architecture, art, cuisine, and music are still there, waiting for you to return.


A Tale of Two Cities in Budapest

Budapest Hungary
It was less than thirty years ago that Budapest began the long climb out of it's frozen-in-time Communistic hole, but it has caught up with a vengeance. Now a part of the elusive European Union, Budapest offers all of the benefits of streamlined services with the old-world charm of a truly ancient civilization.


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