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Beer and Fun in Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf, Germany

Modern Dusseldorf is known worldwide for its role in international business, fashion, and commerce. Events make this a special place for travelers. Many trade conventions, fun fairs, and other attractions bring millions of visitors here each year. Make sure you have Dusseldorf on your list when you’re in Germany.


A Tale of Two Cities in Budapest

Budapest Hungary
It was less than thirty years ago that Budapest began the long climb out of it's frozen-in-time Communistic hole, but it has caught up with a vengeance. Now a part of the elusive European Union, Budapest offers all of the benefits of streamlined services with the old-world charm of a truly ancient civilization.


The True French Life in Lyon, France

Lyon FranceThe city of Lyon, France, centrally located between Paris and Marseille, is said to have ‘more restaurants per square meter than any place on earth,’ a true testament to the French love of fine wine, delicately flavored food and the waist-expanding cheeses that the country is famous for.


Beyond the Usual in London

Once you've seen the Tower of Big Ben, the Tower of London, taken a ride on the London Eye, visited Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, caught a red double-decker bus, and taken a freezing-cold cruise on the Thames, you've pretty much ticked off the tourist traps. Now it's time to live a little more like a local.


A Summer Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Holland
Amongst the capital cities in Europe, Amsterdam belongs to the smaller siblings. It doesn't stand up to London or Paris in sheer size, and the number of sites and places to see and go to. But Amsterdam has its own unique charm, that isn't matched by any other place in Europe.


Falling in Love with the City of Lights in Paris

Paris, France
Anyone who has been to Paris begins to smile when the city is mentioned. A thousand writers have described her a thousand ways, and while all of the lofty descriptions are true, there is still something quite magical about this city that simply must be experienced to be understood.


The Magnificent Sites in Rome

Rome Italy
Rome could easily be the destination in Europe with the most striking sites to see. Of course there are other places, like Paris with it beautiful structures, London with it palaces and museums, or even Athens with it many, many ancient sites. But none of them combine the sheer number of highlights, and none of them combine the publicly visible ancient structures like the Colloseum, the many museums with a large variety of ancient and classic art, as well as the stunning views of the religious buildings and arts that can be found in the Vatican, as well as scattered all around the city of Rome.


Hot Nights Dancing in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal was once the most powerful country on the planet, and the heart of that lion was Lisbon. The city's rich cultural heritage is not a museum piece, but lived-in and used by the locals and visitors who sleep in hotels housed within two-hundred year old buildings and dance the night away in clubs that were once the halls of kings.


Explore at Leisure in Prague

Prague Czech Republic
Prague is a city that must be explored at leisure. Even those who have visited many times will discover new treasures in this ancient and dark city each time they return. It is the birth place of emperors, astronomers and artists, from Mozart and Klíma to Kafka.


The Old and the New in Athens

Athens, Greece
Saturated with history, the city of Athens offers a combination of ancient and modern cultures. Athens is considered by many to be the birthplace of civilization, but don't be surprised to find historical sites like the Acropolis resting alongside modern designer stores and restaurants.


Fairytales in Luxembourg

Luxembourg City
The capital of one of the smallest countries in Europe, scenic Luxembourg City and surroundings look and sound as if they jumped off the pages of a fairy tale. It is the only capital city in a country ruled by a Grand Duke and its thousand year old center is so scenic and well preserved that it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.


Beyond the Fashion in Milan

Milan Italy
Although Milan is often called the Fashion Capital of the World, it is actually off the beaten track for most visitors to Italy, being (relatively) far from any of the other major centers of interest. It is definitely worth a look though, for at least a couple of days of your Italy trip.


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